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Winey Beach Cafe is the perfect tropical vacation escape for lunch or dinner. We offer varitety of Floribbean themed dishes, with the focus being fresh bright flavors. Our side dishes are made fresh daily. While dining enjoy tropical drinks and beers and wine by the glass or bottle. Winey Beach Cafe a landmark in Whiting since March 2005.

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The Beach News

What the latest BUZZ at the Beach??? Well as you all know we try and local source everything we can from our beef from Windy Hills Farm in IL to local herbs. We are now taking a shot at local honey. We asked ourselves how can we be even more local? We then realized that we were talking to ourselves out loud and promptly stopped. But we did decide that for the first time since 1940 domestic honey bees will be producing Whiting Honey. So when you see a bee in your garden check to see if it wearing a Winey Beach Cafe t-shirt we ordered 8000 of them in bee size. So now we have bees and shirts and we just needed to draw straws to see who gets to outfit our little ambassadors. Since Katie has been with us for years she jumped at the chance, actually after threats, and a short pet napping, she jumped at the chance. You can visit Katie and get an update on her progress. (OK relax animal cruelty people, we are not really putting tiny t-shirts on bees).

Til next time Beach Bums

Chef John